IVECO Daily 4x4

VPAM VR9 Certification

Armored IVECO Daily 4×4

We manufacture special protection vehicles of all kinds for public institutions, governments and individuals.

Almost 30lbs of PETN and two DM51 grenades - let the IVECO Sprinter handle it. Mind you: the armored one from Carl Friederichs. This happened in the middle of 2022 at the ordnance office in Mellrichstadt. There we had our plating tested - according to VPAM ERV edition 2 VR9. And lo and behold: 3 Biofidel dummies survived the blasts unharmed. The test impressively demonstrated the importance of high-quality protection and armor down to the smallest detail. So that occupants do not die in terrorist attacks, but emerge unharmed from such a situation.