Insulated Body Trucks

For the safe transport of furniture, general cargo and temperature-controlled products.

Aluminium van bodies

Aluminium van body with side door and hatch above tailgate lift. Internal panels made of plywood, Betopan or plastic, with flush or top-mounted lashing rails. Tailgate lift with and without roll-off protection.

Plywood van bodies, furniture van body

Plywood van bodies (glass-fibre reinforced plywood) with top-mounted lashing rails. Tailgate with roller door and tail lift.

Furniture van body

Aluminium furniture van body, inner walls covered with plywood and needle-punched felt. Folding tail lift for unrestricted trailer operation.

Custom-made temperature-controlled bodies

Insulated body for perishable foods, refrigerated and freezer van bodies with refrigeration unit and tail lift.

MB Zetros 4x4 & 6x6